Causes Of Neck Pain

 The most common causes of neck pain seen in our clinic include auto (car accident, or motor vehicle accident) accidents, work-related injuries, and exercise that cause limitation in movement. Other than that poor posture while at work or while driving, sleeping in a wrong position can also relate to the neck being painful. Muscle inflammation and whiplash affect the ability of the neck to rotate and can spread pain in other areas of the body like the arm and head and upper back. Dizziness, pain, loss of sleep, and movement impairments are common with these types of injuries as well. Muscle and tendon strains including more serious cases that could require surgery are looked at in this short article. In addition to accidents, neck pain may be caused by medical conditions such as cervical spine degeneration or aging, Fibromyalgia, which has a wide range of causes and symptoms.

Muscle Tightness & Spasms

Muscle tightness and spasms can be ongoing in patients that need daily relief. Musculoskeletal pain is common with neck pain issues, headaches, and lasting sleep problems in patients. Ruptured and fractured discs in the neck, minor sprains, and even spinal stenosis may cause neck pain as well. The first step in addressing neck pain concerns is typically over the counter medication, but patient injuries vary and each individual injury can be addressed in depth at MIPM. Neck pain is common but the people that suffer from the pain from an injury, work-related, or overuse-related injury may have other issues like depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, or more that can prolong the healing process naturally and may require a different treatment method.

What can patients expect at Minnesota Institute for Pain Management? A comprehensive look at pain and where it may be radiating is what our clinic can provide. We make sure that you feel comfortable with us as the provider in recommending and preparing your return to a more normal amount of movement and activity in the tissue and muscles in your neck.

What we Provide Our Patients

What we are able to provide the patient is a nerve block in some cases, physical therapy, and medications that will allow the body to cut down inflammation to begin healing properly. There is no guarantee that surgery options will always work for long-term pain management. Lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking cigarettes may be easier than surgery options and are typically the first step for pain-suffering patients. Non-surgical procedures generally are preferred by patients but sometimes are unavoidable. Follow-up appointments are a good way to make sure that the neck pain has subsided and treatment plans are effective for your situation.

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