Medical Cannabis

Does MIPM offer Medical Cannabis for Patients?

We have the ability to prescribe cannabis products through Minnesota’s Medical Cannabis program. There is a list of condition qualifications for patients, which our caregivers can provide or you can see more at:

Chronic pain is a qualifying condition

This consultation is NOT covered by insurance and needs to be paid before the appointment occurs. The state also charges $200 annually for a registration fee, which may be reduced to $50 depending on qualifying factors.

It's time to schedule an appointment and find relief

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Cannabis product costs

Cannabis product costs are NOT included in this fee and range in prices. You must enroll in the Medical Cannabis Program through an email link sent from the Office of Medical Cannabis once your health care practitioner certifies you. Your enrollment application must be approved before you can access your Medical Cannabis Registry account online. Registered patients can only use medical cannabis within Minnesota. Medical cannabis can be used on private property, but not in public places where it is illegal to smoke or vape tobacco. Medical cannabis cannot be smoked or vaped where a minor could be exposed to secondhand smoke or vapor.

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