Our Vision

At our clinic we use physical medicine and rehabilitation approach for pain management with body mechanics and spine mechanics as the basis of the approach to analyze the pain source. We do a detailed evaluation including a thorough examination and discuss with the patient possible pain sources and with that in mind various possible options of non-surgical treatments. The treatment focus is to involve the patient in decision-making providing information about the role of physical management, medication management, and role of various injections. Physical management focus includes physical therapy, chiropractic care, pool therapy, and life style modifications. Medications discussion includes various available classes of medications including nerve-based medications, local applications and non-narcotic and narcotic medications. Injections discussed include office-based injections, and injections performed under X-ray guidance including joint injections and epidural injections. Certain advanced procedures are also discussed as needed. An appropriate amount of discussion about the indications to see a surgeon is also done.

We also provide services to patients suffering from accident related injuries and work related injuries including back, and neck pain or other joint injuries. We also coordinate care for people suffering from concussion with post concussion syndrome, which is common in auto accidents.
We do focus on the outcomes, and with that in mind our goal is to provide information to the patients and to put them in the driving seat to make individual and well educated choice, while we offer various treatment services to plan out a successful return to the functional goals of life with no or minimal pain.


Our Goal is to improve the quality of our patients’ lives.

At Minnesota Institute for Pain Management we deliver high quality, personalized, patient-focused care for all different types of chronic neck and back pain with speed and compassion. We allow our patients the opportunity to reclaim their independence and humanity, helping them return to normalcy after intense periods of pain and anguish.

Our team cares about our patients as individuals, respecting their time and providing individualized care with great compassion as they suffer from pain and personal limitations.

We see patients right away because we empathize with their need for immediate action. So often, practices of our quality are difficult to access; we build processes and procedures to expedite the start of patient care.

Note: Dr. Arora is not an active member of FPA but that MIPM clinic is

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