Work Injury

Common Work Injuries

Injuries and accidents will always happen no matter where you are stationed at your workplace. Injuries will likely take place if you move heavy equipment, haul company products to distributors, or sit behind a desk. Some of the typical injuries may include:

  • Falling objects injuries – many people experience neck, head, or back injuries from falling objects.
  • Repetitive motion injuries – this is typically everything from typing on a computer all day to chopping food. Such activities will ultimately lead to carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis if practiced for long.
  • Falling – this could be through tripping on a wet floor or falling down the staircase. It could lead to severe injuries.
  • Overexertion – carrying, holding, or lifting heavy objects all day could lead to muscle strain that causes pain.

Work-Related Injury

Any time you get injured and feel excess pain, you should seek medical attention immediately. You can receive proper chiropractic care to alleviate the pain from there. Avoiding the hospital in case of an injury could further lead to dire complications. Consider treating the root cause of the injury rather than taking medication for the symptoms. That is why chiropractic care is here.

Minnesota Institute for Pain Management perfectly deals with work injuries and other health issues. Our expert Doctors can offer you drug-free treatment and techniques to heal your injury and alleviate the pain. Understand that Minnesota Institute for Pain Management treats the cause of the pain and not just its symptoms.

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Why Choose Us?

Our treatment options at Minnesota Institute for Pain Management may enhance faster healing of the injury, improve your flexibility, and increase your range of motion. It may also enhance your mental and physical outlook and help prevent future injuries.

Our patient’s health is crucial to us, and we are willing to help you. If you feel some stiffness or pain due to a work-related injury, talk to us at Minnesota Institute for Pain Management  for professional help and consultation.


Our Goal is to improve the quality of our patients’ lives.

At Minnesota Institute for Pain Management we deliver high quality, personalized, patient-focused care for all different types of chronic neck and back pain with speed and compassion. We allow our patients the opportunity to reclaim their independence and humanity, helping them return to normalcy after intense periods of pain and anguish.

Our team cares about our patients as individuals, respecting their time and providing individualized care with great compassion as they suffer from pain and personal limitations.

We see patients right away because we empathize with their need for immediate action. So often, practices of our quality are difficult to access; we build processes and procedures to expedite the start of patient care.

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