“Rebuilding the strength in my back and neck through physical therapy and having an advocate for me personally is a big part of me choosing Minnesota Institute for Pain Management for my pain caused by a car accident.”

Sendy Xiong

I've been chronically ill for 12 years and have been to countless doctors for various reasons over that time. Dr. Arora was such a blessing to me when I started seeing him years ago and I was sad, scared and truly devastated when I found out that he no longer saw patients unless they suffered from a work injury. It took me a while to convince myself to schedule an appointment with one of the new clinic providers because of past healthcare trauma with other providers. My first appointment with a new provider was negative but after looking at the current providers on your website, it doesn't look like he is with the clinic anymore. After that I started seeing Dr. Lukong and after my appointment with him I walked to my car crying tears of pure gratitude! He is someone I expected Dr. Arora to hire but I didn't know if there was another provider out there who had the same heart Dr. Arora does, but Dr. Lukong does! I've been seeing Dr. Lukong for a while now and those feelings of indescribable gratitude still overcome me at each appointment! I am so grateful for him and I feel so blessed to have found these two doctors, because they are two in a million!!!

Abigail S.

“They understand from a financial standpoint that I cannot afford surgery, so the providers make me as comfortable as possible until I decide what is right for me. Minnesota Institute for Pain Management allows me to be the decision maker.”

Cynthia Langr

“Here at MIPM, they are more in depth about treatment options and different procedures. Honestly one of the better pain management clinics that I’ve been to. They offer nerve burns here as well which was a new treatment for me.”

Megan Taylor

“One of the places that I actually love coming to because the doctors here are very patient with you and understanding and push you to recover as soon as possible. Driving in my vehicle, looking at text messages and other daily tasks like cleaning have become easier since coming to Minnesota Institute for Pain Management.”

Michelle Evans

“I feel like the doctors really know what they are doing in order to identify my pain. The doctor’s really do care about their patients and I do recommend MIPM to others. Definitely come here for an assessment.”

Keng Vue

“The way that they treat you here is so pleasant and they do a great job of helping me with chronic pain. Not only helping me physically, but also mentally is really important to me. If you want to be treated fairly and get your spirits up, come to Minnesota Institute for Pain Management.”-

Jae Davis

“The providers do a great job here- they give me ways to deal with my pain and I have tried things that I never have before, sharing ways to deal with my chronic pain at home on my own as well.”

Meseret T.

“I was referred by a friend to MIPM and it was a convenient location for me to get to. My pain has been at a tolerable level now because of seeing a pain management specialist. It was easy to get into the clinic to see a provider.”

Denise Berg

“Dr. Sipple works with me well and treats me as if I am a priority. Controlling my pain has been a godsend and offering injections makes the process even better. The ability to want to help me with my pain has been overwhelming and it has been a great experience here, I love it.”

John Lutz

“The ability to diagnose back pain very well makes my life a lot easier. I am very satisfied with how professional Dr. Arora has been in our appointments and listens to my needs very much. I recommend him to anyone with chronic back pain.”

Berhane Z

“I got into a car accident about a year ago. With MIPM, I can still enjoy some aspects of my life pain free. My provider went above and beyond what most doctors do. We came up with a plan of action and this clinic puts my needs first!”

Jody Bruber

“I came here for a physical therapy appointment, for neck issues following a car accident. The entire staff including the front desk workers are very helpful and caring people. I would recommend this clinic to anyone and am happy to be referred to MIPM.”

Eric Hardie

“I saw Dr. Arora and now I am basically pain free! We started by diagnosing my pain and he was very professional and listened to me intently. After  my injections my pain has disappeared and I would surely recommend this clinic.”

Maha A.

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