“I am a police officer working in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.  Years ago, I was involved in an on duty motor vehicle crash that left me with long-term cervical injuries.  I was bounced from doctor to doctor only to become more frustrated, especially while dealing with constant nerve pain.  About two years ago, I was referred to Dr. Arora when my previous clinic closed.  I had never heard about Dr. Arora and just assumed I would eventually move on to another clinic.  However, Dr. Arora took the time to determine the best course of action to deal with my nerve pain and restore my overall quality of life.  I was surprised with the convenience of same day injections and nerve ablations performed directly out of his clinic.  Not to mention, an impressive physical therapy team also working inside his office.

After many years of ongoing pain and frustration, I finally found the doctor that I can trust with full confidence.  Dr. Arora has taken the time to listen to my concerns and provide proactive methods to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I strongly encourage meeting Dr. Arora and voicing your concerns to a medical doctor you can trust.

-Mark, 2019

“I got sick when I was fourteen, and am now twenty and currently on medical leave from nursing school. I have seen countless doctors and pain specialists, but Dr. Aurora and his team have been the best. No one has been more caring, kind and considerate than Dr. Aurora has and I recommend him to anyone with any condition. I truly believe he will treat you with the utmost respect and will work as hard as he possibly needs to in order to give you the best care possible. I am incredibly grateful for all he has done for me and continues to do. I know that every time I contact him or someone from his team, they will work with great urgency to find a solution to my problem. When your illness takes over your life like mine has, you need to find someone you trust to care for you, and Dr. Aurora is that person for me and my family.”

-Abigail Shafer

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Arora for a while now and have been impressed with his extensive expertise in pain management and conditions that cause chronic pain. He has a compassionate, caring and gentle ‘bedside manner’. He really does listen. I feel I am a part of my care as he seems to have a team approach. I have a couple of different issues going on and he is treating each of them. Prior to my first visit with him I was in unbearable pain, I felt like I just couldn’t take one more day of it. He did nerve ablations and steroid injections himself. I was really nervous and fearful about the nerve ablations but his calm & soft demeanor made me very comfortable. The combinations of nerve ablations, injections and medication have enabled me to participate in life more and I am so very grateful for that. He is continuing to treat chronic pain I have as a result of failed back surgery. He has referred me to Dr. Polly at the U of M for consultation (who is also wonderful to work with) & it looks like I will be having surgical repairs. The staff at MIPM are very professional and easy to work with as well. I really don’t know what I would do without Dr. Arora’s very competent treatment and care. I just cannot say enough about him and would recommend him to anyone for pain management.”

– Pam, 12/01/2015

“Oh my God! Dr Arora after 3 days post injection in my left buttocks I thought I was doomed there was no change in my pain level, then all of a sudden the pain melted away it was like I was a new man. I was in pain constantly and the best part of my day was for about an hour when I first woke up, only to go downhill throughout the day.

At bedtime I was in so much pain I wanted to put a gun to my head.
The Botox along with the steroid injections has given me a new lease on life. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou you are my hero, I am able to walk and sit and stand , play golf all pain free. the only limitations is the distance I can walk is still limited but at the moment it is without the severe pain I have come to bite the bullet. My wife thinks she has a new man living with her.

It has become a new way of life, I tell you that living from one dose of pain killers to the next dose all day every day I am now weaning myself from the constant dosage of pain meds with the goal of getting off the pain meds altogether that day is coming and it is thanks to you. If you ever need me to talk to your other patients just let me know, i would be happy to recommend you and your talents. Thanks again to you and your staff.”

– Scott Morse

“Dr. Arora is the only medical provider who has helped me manage my pain! After a severe car accident in 2012 I have been seeing a chiropractor regularly, and I have been to multiple specialists about the pain in my neck and shoulders. I have even gone through PT, but the pain was just getting worse instead of better! I started to think that I was crazy and the pain was all in my head. Dr. Arora was patient with me as I considered what types of pain treatment I wanted to explore and never pressured me to make any choice that I didn’t understand or wasn’t completely comfortable with. Not only is Dr. Arora a wonderful MD, but he expertly performed my recent nerve ablation surgery himself and it was very effective! I would highly recommend Dr. Arora and his staff to anyone who is struggling with chronic pain, or pain related to an accident. I feel secure and at ease knowing that he is my resource for pain management in the future!”

– Asha Agar Brown

“Dr Arora is a board certified pain medicine specialist. This sets him far and above others who claim to be pain specialists.

Until I started working with Dr Arora, I had pain that numerous specialists treated but I remained in pain. I thought the pain was hopeless to contain or resolve. Dr Arora patiently listened and explained what could be done. We worked together. I did my part and he did his. My pain declined and in some places disappeared. He is my invaluable medical resource for a healthy, active and happier life.”

– Carol A Leitschuh

“I’ve found the entire staff at the Minnesota Institute of Pain Management to be most thoughtful and caring. They are committed to treating each person with dignity and respect. Dr. Arora is truly an amazing healer. I appreciated that he integrated the options for treating the pain and encouraged me to be an active part of the process. I felt assured by his years of experience and comforted by his gentle and caring manner. Within a couple of weeks I had far more range of motion and considerably less pain. I’m grateful to be in the care of these fine people.”

– Mike Kiley

“Dr Arora was the 3rd doctor I had seen for the pain down my right leg that I have had for 22 months. He took the time to ask questions about the pain and what causes more pain and what relieves the pain. After one visit he changed my whole world when he stated it is my hip not my back giving me the pain. All this time everyone keep looking at my spine and everything that was done did not relieve the pain. He did the tests (xrays, MRI) to find a tear in my hip joint. He has been a life changing doctor to me and I will be forever grateful. August 6, 2013.”

– Lori Whitman-Utter