Low back pain may be the most common issue that we provide pain management for inside our clinics. Many simple things in life like excessive or heavy lifting, near falls like missteps, falls and many other trivial looking trauma or degeneration with life and, even cigarette smoking (especially in males) can contribute to lower back pain, because it can affect the spine including the small joints on the spine, lumbar disc health from excessive coughing. Severe lower back pain can also cause bladder issues. MIPM staff will identify these problems at the clinic. Anti-inflammatory medications used at home or prescribed are usually the first step for a patient at Minnesota Institute for Pain Management. Sitting, leaning forward in a sitting position, and lifting objects can cause a tenderness to the back discs as well. Weight gain may cause issues as well.

Excesslve Pain Can Be Moderatated

Excessive pain can be moderated in multiple ways, some people wait too long and should have been examined by a professional earlier. At MIPM, disc pain can be targeted and various treatment options are available, and the patient is listened to and is in the driver’s seat to choose their plan. Making every patient satisfied and their pain managed successfully is the goal at MIPM. Irritation of nerve roots will be assessed by the provider at MIPM. Recommendations for surgery and x-ray imaging may be an outcome, but at MIPM the herniated disc or chronic back pain can be treated in various non-surgical ways. Recommendations for surgery will be made as deemed necessary. Medications discussion includes various available classes of medications including nerve-based medications, local applications, and non-narcotic and narcotic medications. Injections discussed include office-based injections, and injections performed from x-ray guidelines like joint injections and epidural steroid injections. Pain lasting more than a few days may indicate disc trauma or other stress-realted injury.

MIPM qualified staff are able to locate the herniation or other pain-causing sources in the lower back. For instance, there are typically only 5 vertebrae in the low back which is less than the neck and other parts of the back. Disc herniation will affect other nerves in the back. MIPM strives to provide the patient with therapeutic interventions, non-narcotic and narcotic drugs in order to treat the pain quickly.


Treatments including pain management medication or injections at the site are specialties of the MIPM clinic. Comprehensive care will be provided during all visits and non-surgical options are a priority. Companies that claim a special shoe insole, bed brand, or back support cannot guarantee success in the treatment of back pain- trust the years of expertise at our multiple clinic locations. Providers at MIPM know that injuries do affect your daily life. The goal at MIPM is to manage pain and give the patient the dignity to live life as the patient used to before a motor vehicle accident or other pain-causing event. Patients are always welcome at MIPM whether it is for a simple assessment of pain management or a specific injury. Spreading of pain to other body areas means patients should schedule ASAP at MIPM. We look forward to treating your pain with the patient as the pilot. We listen to you!

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